Hi! I'm Caleb Curran-Velasco

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Computer Science Machine Learning Algorithms Computer Vision Software Engineering

I am a senior at the Colorado School of Mines studying Computer Science.


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Fluent in English and Spanish


Computer Science

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As the son of a first-generation Ecuadorian immigrant, I've learned invaluable lessons that sculpted who I am today. Moving to Ecuador after third grade allowed me to master Spanish, embrace my culture, and appreciate the opportunities in the United States. Those years fostered a strong work ethic, perseverance, and adaptability to new environments. With a curious and open-minded nature, I'm passionate about utilizing Computer Science to automate and optimize daily tasks. Recently, I coded a Sudoku Solver, showcasing the power of computers and the influence of Computer Scientists. I constantly seek new coding projects, driven by my curiosity and motivation to tackle challenges. Currently a Grewcock Presidential Scholar at The Colorado School of Mines, I stand out for my dedication, adaptability, and leadership skills. This program focuses on nurturing those qualities throughout my four years of study. Seeking a summer internship, I am a fast learner willing to step out of my comfort zone. I eagerly anticipate the future of Computer Science and am ready to contribute and grow professionally.

technical and professionsal

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90% Team Work
85% Leadership
95% Adaptability
96% Problem Solving
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